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Now that I have a Master's Thesis, I guess that makes me a Master. I would much rather be a Lord or a Darth though. 
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Reading: sources for my thesis
  • Watching: The X Files
  • Playing: Civilization V
  • Eating: mashed potatoes stuffing and sweet potatoes
  • Drinking: water


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I always read my comments by Eceres Faving Stamps Stamp by JLGribble

Stamp: Block by Silver-Chocolate (Using this now... because it happened to me 3 4 times in one week)
Blocking Stamp by KavanMcCarron

Rules (I am now putting these first because I just saw my stuff on other sites (derpybooru...) and my bio is long, so people might not have read that far):

DO NOT LINK TO RACIST OR HOMOPHOBIC WEBSITES ON MY PROFILE PAGE. I mean something which literally uses the n-word, slurs, and hate speech. It is against dA policy to provide links to websites like that, DON'T DO IT ON MY PROFILE PAGE!

If you want to repost anything I've made anywhere, or use it for anything, please message me first and ask permission (I'll probably say yes), and then link it back here. I want to see where my stuff is, and how it is being used.
You cannot repost any of my stuff, or anyone else's stuff into your own gallery on deviantart, unless you commissioned the work, or the creator of the work gave it to you, or something like that. If that is not the case, then reposting the work onto your page as your own is art theft...

Hi, I am Brian. I am currently in three fandoms; I am a Gater (not gator, but a Stargate fan), Brony, and Trekker. I am a graduate student of Linguistics at the University of Utah.

Fandom overview
My favorite Star Trek series is DS9 because I liked the plot continuity from episode to episode, and the action.
My favorite Stargate series was Atlantis, I liked SG-1, hated SGU.
Friendship is Magic is the only MLP series that I like.

GAMER Hardcore STAMP by Faeth-design
I play call of duty black ops 2 a lot, and make many emblems in that game.
I play a lot of Xbox Live, and RTSs on my mac.

Um… languages I can speak +how well

German 3 yrs (nearly fluent)

Tagalog 1 year and heritage speaker (my grandma is from the Philippines)
Poland Stamp by phantom
Polish 2 years (sort of conversational/getting there; went there this summer too and had practice :p)
Dutch Flag by mysage
Dutch 0 years (spent two weeks in Rotterdam and read a book on Dutch and picked up a lot, so I am somewhat conversational)
Russian Federation Stamp by l8
Russian 2 years (I suck at it; I studied hard which got me through the tests, but the second year was a nightmare)
Japanese Flag Stamp by xxstamps
Japanese 1 quarter (I can order food, and make some sentences with long form verbs)
Star Trek Klingon Stamp 2 by dA--bogeyman
Klingon 0 years (bought Marc Okrand's Klingon Language Dictionary, and can make some sentences, and know enough to make lines of it in my comic).
'Spain Flag' Stamp by penaf
Spanish 1 year (took it in the eight grade, and forgot a lot, I can order food, and ask for directions though).
Ivory Coast Flag Stamp by l8 Ivory Coastian (French haha ;p) (lol my prof is from Ivory Coast so I am using their flag) had my first week of class... this week so I can say Je m'appelle Brian... um Comment tu t'appelles? Merci and other silliness

If you speak any of those languages, especially the ones towards the top, feel free to communicate with me in them I need practice! Also if I find out from your profile that you speak any of those languages then I might randomly start using one of them without warning.
Also My Best Friend Stamp by RecklessKaiser pretty much describes how stuffs are going; give my girlfriend :icondarkvikingmistress:'s page a visit if you want ;p. Posting this because people apparently are confused :p (I am bi so I guess I see why..).

looking into favorites stamp by sixthkidfromthestarz

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Hettman Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016
Is it me or does Duterte loves punishing with a merciless iron fist of any drug pushers, even so called "Suspected drug pushers" who have yet to be proven guilty, and then justifying the whole carnage because "they should be killed cause their criminals!"....

What was the rationale behind his election? (Why was he even considered in the first place?...)

Or is the whole leadership/federal processes/elections in Philippines corrupt/or in the process of being corrupted?

P.S: Is the guy still openly mocking Obama?

The last time I checked the news he was.... Quite brazenly!
Ghoti657 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I have no idea. I think they elected the next Pol Pot.

Filipino voters are idiots at large. The last President was a wrestler. 
Hettman Featured By Owner Edited Aug 1, 2016
Is it me or is Trump sounding more and more unpatriotic and problematic everyday that passes by, with everything he dares to spout out?!...

I mean who asks for a foreign and malicious entity to direct a savage attack on the U.S. Homeland? (WHETHER PHYSICAL OR CYBER!)

Why can't he do the hacking of Clintons e-mails himself?!!

I mean he's rich enough to pay off the best hacker in the U.S.A. with no skin off his back!

Infact I'd go as far as accusing him of being borderline traitorous!

And oh how funny it is him calling Snowden a traitor in the not so distant past on top of that.... While asking PAPEY Putin for m a narcissistic political favour!

Wtf is this?!.....
Hettman Featured By Owner Edited Jul 25, 2016

The IOC has once again proven to have ZERO Credibility in overturning the blanket ban on the massive cheaters from Russia!

I guess Putler went God father mode and offered them a deal the IOC chumps couden't refuse. How Predictable!

On top of this; A good portion of athletes staying quarters and training AREN'T COMPLETE!!!

And we're ONE F##KING WEEK from the start of the official openings!

Remember the Australia team room scandal?

The major commonwealth nations should boycott this olynpics as clearly state sponsored cheaters are going to be allowed almost carte Blanche access to compete in these games! Despite the MASSIVE EVIDENCE!!!

I'd support team Canada in not competing at all! Let them compete without us present then their medals will mean jackSh#t! And on top of the lost revenue the smug @$$whipes from IOC can ask Russia to pay for the PR and financial damages!

Hettman Featured By Owner Edited Jul 15, 2016


Beijing Traids are Whaling and raging for losing the hauge court challenge on the South China Sea demon children!

And now the Chinese government Wu Mao Troll farms are having field day, frothing to a freaking delirium all over YouTube and other social media sites everywhere saying How dare the Philippines bully/agreed China and blah this and blah that about the biased WESTERN COURTS! The evil west this over the spratly islands.....

Because they didn't have a Han judge in the courtroom.... Ehhh... Wait a minute? Isn't having a Chinese government stooge a biased move to begin with....

Ughhh these guys are just as bad for my ulcers as Kremlin trollgolites

That Judge from Ghana is bold to rule against China..... Hope he doesen't get assassinated for this by the Chinese secret service....

Though how the hell is the Philippines leadership going to enforce this ruling on a literal giant!?....

Call for Uncle Sam for help?

With a weak @$$ F#%k leader as Obama in his lame duck session of his power tenure?

Or will David actually go and challange Goliath all by himself and defend his sovereignty? With all the cowards of the world just watching on the fence in the distant background?
Ghoti657 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Lol I got into a row on Quora with a Wumao who went crazy because India opposed the litigations, but supported the ruling.
Hettman Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2016
Would you be kind enough, to link me the forum where this particular incident occurred? I'd like to see their style of argumentation.

Well no wonder Indias leadership would support the ruling. They don't claim every freaking island theirs in what is named 'The Indian Sea'.

No! They claim some. And those some, are those islands that they've personally consistently 'Influenced' or 'Inhabited' for *CENTURIES*!!! And on top of it the people and government have the decency to respect land rights/or titles among those foreign populations that happen to share with personally within borders (Ethnic minorities) or share border-wise with their next door neighbors!

The government doesen't like litigations because they are tedious work and would take forever to iron out properly! And the institutions of governments generally, (Anywhere in the world) tend to not like such things because of what I Typed above!

What did the troll say back?


Or did he/she accuse you of being an American government/CIA Mis-informer agent?

I do see the average Philippino reacting to accusations by Chinese facist trolls of being "Trouble making country, and who's pathetic people pander to their former colonialist Masters history/historical claims to outrageously STEAL LAND AND WATERS from its rightful owners!" By saying "At least we're not fetus eaters!"

Is that the usual staple response to Chinese idiots that's popular in the modern day population in the Philippines?

I was hoping they had a more insightful, and more clever burn to these Wu Mao government mouth pieces!....


Urrrghhh..... The Wu Mao and Sakushvina trolls seem to Juuussst, Love Giving people mental cancer! With their what-about-ism's and utter cracktastic And Krokodil infused Fantasy that they try Soooooo hard to paint as reality!

How do they sleep at night?!... Knowing What they do!

Thank the lord, that I know how to seperate some fact from utter fiction!

Because if the Chinese Triads claims, such as the "Philippines is all FORMER Chinese Han lands stolen from the Portuguese/Spanish Colonists/colonial demons!" Doesn't make your stupidity/bullsh*t sensors go off..... Then I don't know what will!...
Ghoti657 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Sorry I have been slow

Quora deleted everything Alex Shev ever wrote, except for his questions. Here is one of his questions:…

All of his comments on my answer were deleted, but you can see my replies to those comments.
Hettman Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2016
Is it me or has the Internet group Anonymous officially embroiled in the first civil war of determining its own identity/or course of action for first time in recorded Internet history??!

The usual idiots there cannot seem to to be able to resolve the issue of whether Donald Trump will do more damage than good to U.S. Americans? Or will he do more good than bad to MURICA!

And I thought they couldn't get enough of hacking the Internet for the past 10 years?

All that is missing here is some popcorn, water, and Horilka for me to watch this beyond hilarious epic clash unfold!
Ghoti657 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I don't know. I don't think anyone knows for sure. It is as speculative as the Brexit stuff.
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